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Pre Orders

Lady Getz is excited to be moving towards a pre-order model which will allow us to become a more sustainable fashion brand for a few reasons we want to share:


1. The products being made already have homes, which means NO WASTE and NO DEADSTOCK.


2. It allows for us to fulfill large volumes of order requests without fronting large sums of money first. This means we are able to pivot with our customer needs and introduce new styles quicker.


3. Not holding an abundance of stock allows for us to operate out of our home and small spaces - less overhead costs mean we can focus our budget into our product and into developing new products.


4. We can be a more environmentally conscious brand committed to lessening our environmental footprint.


All pre-order items will be sent out within approx. 4-6 weeks of purchase or sooner. I hope this helps you understand why I will be working under this new model moving forward. I can’t wait to show you what’s next!